Hello Everyone,
I have enjoyed reading the threads posted on the straight bourbon forum. Found this forum site while searching for more information about bourbons after seeing a wonderful show on television featuring the kentucky bourbons.
From your recommendations and my experience with "entry level" whiskeys and bourbons, I selected a group to taste including the following: (not used to the abbreviations yet, but will use once I get them down)

Elijah Craig 12 year
Weller Antique 107
Knob Creek 9 year Small batch
Evan Williams Single barrel, 10 yr, barreled 1999 and bottled 2009
Parker Heritage Collection 2011

Great bourbons, but I must say the Parkers and Bookers are absolutely wonderful. I would have to rank, my preference of course, the Knob Creek and Evan Williams next followed by the Elijah Craig. I have been sharing these with my friends and they are astounded by the deep, complex taste of the Parker and Booker bourbons. What a wonderful finish on the Parker.

I am excited to encounter these tremendous tasting bourbons after a long absence from spirits. If only I could find Pappy Van Winkle in Oklahoma.