I am returning to Madison after a wonderful trip on the Bourbon Trail which has plunged me full throttle into Bourbon madness. Iíve been drinking Bourbon for several years but am now diving into it as a hobby following the trip. We visited all six distilleries on the official trail and almost made it to BTís distillery as well.
Iím curious if folks have recommendations on a few bourbonís to offer for a small tasting to enthrall some friends onto the bourbon train. I know a lot of folks recommend starting with the cheap stuff (though to date, Iím not sure if price is the ultimate ingredient for quality) to develop a palate but I would consider my own tastes and that of at least some of my potential audience to have a bit of a palate. That said, both $ and inexperience leave me thinking my target should be mid-range stuff in terms of complexity and price. Thus far I donít have strong prejudices for any given style (though oddly I dislike MM but am really enjoying WLW 7yo). I'm curious about not just what folks think is good, but also what goes well together and what to think about in terms of the order? Iím thinking about the following line up:

WLW 7yo, BT, FRSmB, and maybe WTRB or EC 12.

Iíd love to know what folks think, and look forward to sharing how things turn out.