I'm looking forward to being a part of this community. I have been into bourbon for several years now. As you can tell from my login, I'm in the restaurant business. This affords me the opportunity to try all kinds of tasty beverages. After studying wine for the last ten years, I got on a bourbon kick when i stumbled upon a PVW 15 on the shelf at Tower. Little did I know what I would have to do for a bottle a few years later. Like a lot of people i started out one bottle at a time, over a few weeks and when it was empty I would get another. After a while i realized I was missing out on a chance to revisit bottles or comparison taste so I started keeping bottles around and now i've got about 30 open bottles with a growing bunker of stuff i love. More recently i've been trying to kill stuff off and not open anything new till i get the pile under control. I find it's a lot easier to finish one off if you've got a back up, or five. Anyway, thanks for all you guys contribute and I hope to be a productively sarcastic member of this board.