Control state listing is always a problem. The states limit how many slots each company gets and sometimes a company has to drop something to get something else in.

As for whether or not they're really keeping the 101, by 'official' I mean I got the information from a Campari spokesperson. When they tell me something unequivocal and what they tell me makes sense, I tend to believe it.

In their zeal to get people to order the 81, some reps may be bad-mouthing the 101. Also (and we see this here all the time) people tend to believe things they get into their heads despite copious evidence to the contrary.

They would be nuts to drop the 101. First, that proof point is a Wild Turkey trademark. They're acknowledging that with the 81 (rather than 80), so it's clear they get it. Second, there would be no reason to drop the 101. You don't drop a product that's selling well and growing. They've got enough stock. They don't have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

I worried a little when Campari bought Turkey and their U.S. arm, which primarily handles Skyy Vodka, took over. I was afraid they wouldn't know enough about bourbon. But they're doing well, they waited a couple years before doing anything, and now they're making all the right moves. Clearly, they're making a lot more spirit in their shiny new distillery and they're making sure that, as it matures, they'll have a market for it.

I'm sure Jimmy and Eddie are keeping them on the straight and narrow too.