Hello everyone,

Just wanted to formally introduce myself. After coming across this site numerous times over the past year, I decided to formally sign up. Bourbon has always been my drink of choice, but it has become more of an obsession over the last couple years. I had always been a MM guy through college and law school but was given a bottle of VW Lot B as a wedding present. Since then, I've been soaking up as much information as I can, particularly from this place, and trying as many new whiskeys as possible. I'm also just starting to learn about Rye.

I'm currently enjoying the 2011 PHC, PVW 20, and Lot B, as well as Rittenhouse BIB. I recently purchased a bottle of the E.H. Taylor SB and the PHC 2010 and am looking forward to trying those soon.

Looking forward to learning a lot from y'all.