Hello everyone, I'm glad to be here!

For Christmas this year I bought my Dad a bottle of Bourbon (along with some other things of course). I walked in the whisky aisle here at one of our local Liquor Barns (enormous warehouses with a nearly unmatched selection) for about 20 minutes looking at everything. I think they have over 100 different bourbons and whiskeys, it's crazy. Eventually a nice fella noticed my trepidation and asked what I was looking for (not an employee although they are very helpful but a Bourbon Enthusiast). After a 10 minute and surprising education on bourbon he pointed me to Eagle Rare 10. At the price point it seemed right so I bought it.

A few days later I was at my Dad's with a few friends and we opened the bottle. I drank it neat, not expecting to like it. The burn rocked my world as I wasn't used to it and took a way larger drink than I should have. Sitting there waiting for the burn to stop, an amazing thing happened on the finish. Vanilla showed up. An incredibly overt vanilla like I just bit into a vanilla bean. I think I remember saying "whoah" kind of like Neo in The Matrix (yeah I'm a Sci-Fi nerd too), followed by "Hey I'm getting Vanilla here". I was hooked.

With my personality style, when I become interested in things I kind of obsess over them until I get a grasp on the subject. Fortunately my Wife understands it so not without a little goading she pretty much leaves me to my educatin'. 2 months later I have around 20 bourbons in my personal stock and have really enjoyed the journey of narrowing my flavor profile, to which, I'm sure, will change over time.

Again, glad to be here and am looking forward it..