my last thread on the topic in 2007 fizzled out. maybe now we have some more martini drinkers.
I've stuck with the Bombay Sapphire dirty with Martini & Rossi dry vermouth. Still working on my 3 large bottles of Dirty Sue Olive Juice; have some others, too. Since Sam's closed in Highland Park, I have to stuff my own blue cheese olives; I ask for something soft at Whole Foods. However, today, we were in the city, so I got the olives at Binny's on Marcy St. that used to be the main Sam's store. The bottled store bought olives just don't cut it.
Only made a mini, since I had to go out after dinner.
2nd favorite gin: Hendricks
also rans: Tanq 10, Brokers, Northshore
never: vodka