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    A long time away...

    Welcome, CrispyCritter.
    You last visited: 01-19-2008 at 22:58
    Damn, it's been that long? I guess that's what a lousy economy will do to you. I've been concentrating on value pours in these recent years and occasionally bringing out bunkered bottles, for obvious reasons. But, even that isn't a panacea.

    (A Rip Van Winkle reference is appropriate here for more than one reason.)

    WTF happened to Rittenhouse BIB?! What used to be about $12 or so is now almost twice that! I guess that's what happens when word gets out. At today's price, it's worth holding out for Baby Saz - except I haven't seen any on the shelf, either.

    I've seen a few BTAC's floating around, but while $79 isn't horrible, it's just not something to buy anymore. I'll just have to take it easy on the bunkered stock.

    Don't even get me started on what happened to Scotch prices. My "value" Scotches have either skyrocketed (Ardbeg 10) or disappeared entirely (Aberlour 10).

    Fortunately, there's VOB BIB to be found - shhh, don't tell anyone!
    Oh no! You have walked into the slavering fangs of a lurking grue!

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    Re: A long time away...

    Welcome back Crispy. Which SW burb ya in?
    "Brownest of the brown liquors..so tempting. What's that? You want me to drink you? But I'm in the middle of a trial!" L. Hutz

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    Re: A long time away...

    Welcome back! Serious? 4 years!! It sure doesn't seem that long. Here's to hoping you keep on returning.

    Wag more.
    Bark less.

    "Every bottle is its own learning experience." -- Sensei Ox-sama

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    Re: A long time away...

    Welcome back...

    Tommy and I are both in the SW burbs and get together on occasion for some tasting...let us know if your game!
    You can find me in chat most nights on days ending with the letter y!



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