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    Old American Straight Rye Whiskey

    So I was perusing one of those antiques malls that is set up with a bunch of little booths and saw this sitting on one of the shelves. Thought some of you guy might like to see it. I put it back since it had a price of $25, if it was $10 I probably would have bought it.


    Old American Brand - Straight Rye Whiskey
    The American Distilling Co
    Bottled at American's Distillery
    One Pint

    est. 1892
    The American Distilling Co, Inc
    ___ and Distributing Offices
    135 East 42nd St NYC

    This Whiskey was carefully distilled and matures under expert scientific control

    Straight Ry Whiskey 90 Proof
    This Whiskey is 2 1/2 years old
    Distilled in Illinois
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