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Okay, I want to get this right - most of you are saying that buying the Willett 5 yr 110pf @ say $33.99 is a better idea than buying the Bulleit Rye @ say $27.99, eh?

From my perspective, this isn't a case about dollars to proof, but dollars to drinking enjoyment.

Hands down, the Willett Rye's in the 3-5+yr range some of, if not the best rye on the market for that age bracket. Wonderful rye flavor, perfect neat, holds up with water wonderfully, and great in a cocktail. That is something that most cannot do. They may do one or two at a stretch, but not the trifecta.

And the price is great for what you get, IMHO.

I just hope that they have some more stashed away aging gracefully, I'd love to have some as they get older.