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    Wilmington, NC suggestions???

    Hello all! I am going to be traveling to Wilmington, NC for a business trip and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on any good bourbon/whiskey bars/restaurants in the area? I have been there a couple of times and didn't really find much for anyone who enjoys bourbon or whiskey.

    I tried a quick search of SB and didn't really uncover much, but it sounds like I would have to go down to the Myrtle Beach, SC area to find anything, particularly for any type of selection in the liquor stores.

    I read trip report about Myrtle Beach here on SB and wonder if it is still pretty much the same today as he describes it was in 2007 because a quick check of some of the Myrtle Beach online liquor stores appears to paint a different picture?

    As always I really appreciate the help!


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    Re: Wilmington, NC suggestions???

    Your best bet probably is to continue on to South Carolina. I do not know about the bar scene in Wilmington or Myrtle Beach, but the Bourbon selection in the NC ABC stores is limited. Bars in NC must buy their liquor from the state and they pay a $10 per gallon tax over and above the tax that is already included in the price at the ABC stores.

    The liquor stores and bars in SC have much more flexibility. Some will be no better (although they are usually less expensive) than what you find in NC, but some will be much better. Of course, it is unlikely that you will find anything in NC or SC that will come close to what you could find in Northern KY.

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    Re: Wilmington, NC suggestions???

    Like Rick said... NC is a control state. You will not find much of interest in a NC ABC store. I ran the stores in Wilmington a year or two ago. You may find some older bottles of EWSB (98,99,00) and some WRMC SO & Maple. There are some good bars and restaurants around Front Street downtown. Nothing with an outstanding bourbon collection, but you will most likely find the bourbon staples anywhere. Elijah's on Front Street is one of my faves. Great seafood.

    As far as SC... I go to Myrtle Beach quite often. You may find some BTAC (ER17 & Handy), VWSR Lot B, OFBB 10 & 11, Jefferson's 17/18 & PHC. All the dusties are, for the most part, gone.

    Good luck.



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