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    San Diego Suggestions???

    Hello all! I am going to be traveling to San Diego for a business trip and would like to ask for some help. I have never been there before and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on any good bourbon/whiskey bars/restaurants in the area?

    I tried a quick search of SB and didn't really uncover much, other than most of the local liquor stores will be over priced!


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    Re: San Diego Suggestions???

    Check out Starlite located right of the 5 in north Little Italy / south Mission Hills: http://www.starlitesandiego.com/

    They have PVW 12, 15, 20, 23, GTS, WLW, Sazerac 18, Willett, BMH, VWFRR, Vintage 17, etc. And fairly good prices, at least for San Diego!

    Also you could try the Aero Club, which is walking distance from Starlite, but is more like a dive bar, while Starlite has good food and a great bourbon menu.

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    Re: San Diego Suggestions???

    The Tractor Room in Hilcrest is also supposed to have a lot of excellent bourbon. I haven't been there. SD is now known more for it's beer scene than bourbon as we're a touch far from KY.
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