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    Re: Thinking of creating a weekly bourbon podcast, thoughts?

    There are a few podcasts that I listen to regularly. I'd check it out for sure. I'd be more interested in history of the industry and different brands/ labels than amateur reviews though. I'd certainly check out interviews with bourbon industry folks as well. Good luck and let us know if you get something going!

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    Re: Thinking of creating a weekly bourbon podcast, thoughts?

    I've got a couple of decades in broadcast with radio. Producing a weekly show of any quality is a real chore, much less one with limited source material and competition for those resources.

    I think you'd find the "interest" in an American Whiskey-focused podcast is very high, but the consumption - and repeat listeners - is another story. I'm confident the IDEA is a good one... but the execution will determine if you do well or not.

    For that matter, you have to decide what "doing well" is - 200 downloads? 2,000,000? Are you doing it for fun? Is this a revenue stream? What's your goal. You also have to establish a format (which Mark @ Whiskycast has done amazingly well - he's got a broadcast background).

    My company built Mark's iPhone/Android apps and I've known him for a while - and the problem with any other hobbyist podcast in this space is that Mark is already there - with a great, very well produced program and he's got high-level access to resources. He's also consistent in that he produces weekly. Anybody who tries to get into the Whisk(e)y space has to contend with Mark, Ralfy, and at least 4-5 others I know of in the podcast space, and as Chuck mentions there's the 30+ "good" blogs and forums such as this one for sources of info.

    All that said - it depends on what "success" is to you and what your goal in doing the show is. If you just want to enlighten yourself and share what you find, then there's always room for you in the space because the digital world has unlimited capacity - but if you want to monetize and/or create a "brand" then you've got a huge uphill trek.

    Just because others have tried and failed doesn't mean you will do the same! One word of advice: do about 4-5 shows, get them "in the can" and then publish - this gives you a large buffer of material to allow you to tweak/edit a lot more, and will cover you on those "off periods" when there's not any new content or interviews/plans fall apart - that way you can be consistently GOOD - not just consistent.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Thinking of creating a weekly bourbon podcast, thoughts?

    I'd listen to it.
    One whiskey for every ghost.

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    Re: Thinking of creating a weekly bourbon podcast, thoughts?

    Quote Originally Posted by bourboncc View Post
    True! Still trying to figure out the best way to record phone calls. It looks like Skype is probably my best option.
    Skype and a $20 download of Powergramo to record calls and you're all set.

    And I'd subscribe to the podcast series.



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