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I agree -- I really enjoy the Copita glass. I think I am able to get at more of the nose with these glasses. The Glencairn glasses are my next favorite. I don't care as much for the Glencairn Crystal glass -- the lip is a lot thicker than the regular glass. Is this what is meant by "bead"?
Ebo is correct, it is the glass Glencairn that has the "bead" or "lip," not the crystal Glencairn. If you run your finger up the side of the vessel you'll notice a lip on the glass one.

There's nothing wrong with the glass Glencairn, by the way, it's a fantastic little thing.

I have a crystal glass that I bought for cognac that is similar to the Copita glass but I never use it. Never cared for stemware, always makes me feel like I'm at a wedding or someplace I need to wear a tie. I suspect the Glencairn would be a great cognac glass.

It's been said before, but keeping a good variety of glasses on hand will enhance your experience. I go back and forth between a few different styles of glasses, depending on my mood. The best glass is the one that's got whiskey in it.