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    Jim Beam White Label Profile

    So I'm really new to the whiskey world and this weekend I got a bottle of JBW to make sure I try all of the essential brands! I'm hesitant to put this in the tasting category, because I don't know squat and this is more to see if i'm on the right track! How close would you folks say my take on this whiskey is? Oh, and I drank it neat, by the way.

    smell: semi-sweet, maybe vanilla? Less alcohol smell than expected, far less than Makers Mark.

    taste: Rolled over the tongue nicely, very little burn until it reached the back of the throat. It burned from the throat down.

    finish: It ended on a pretty spicy note. Im not sure if this is a ryed whiskey but I'm thinking it is. A bit too spicy for my taste.

    The $25 i spent on a liter would have been better spent on some Woodford. Overall, I'm pretty in the middle about this whiskey.
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    Re: Jim Beam White Label Profile

    Those are good tasting notes -- yes JBW is a rye-recipe, but not particularly high in rye. If you've been drinking Makers and Woodford, most everything else you try is going to have a little more kick!

    Comparable "essential" brands: something Heaven Hill (Evan Williams black or single barrel, Elijah Craig 12yo), something Buffalo Trace (BT or Elmer T. Lee)

    Go up in rye: Old Grand-Dad, Bulleit, Wild Turkey

    Less burn: 1792, Jim Beam Black (the extra aging gives it a very different profile, IMHO)

    Better value wheaters: Weller Special Reserve, Weller 12

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    Re: Jim Beam White Label Profile

    Thanks a lot for the help dude! I've been hearing a lot of good things about wellers in general, so perhaps this weekend I'll try the 107.

    And I never knew that Evan Williams was a Heaven Hill product! Ya learn every day. thanks for the wisdom.

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    Re: Jim Beam White Label Profile

    I've heard Jim Beam White called a lot of things... but I think this is the first time I have ever seen spicy attached to it.



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