I've been reading the forum here for awhile, and appreciate all the advice and insights I've gained. Seems like a very friendly bunch, so I decided it was time to come out of hiding.

I've been enjoying whiskey for a long time. Started with Crown Royal long ago, and slowly moved to Knob Creek and Booker's. Tried some Scotch when I got the book 101 Whiskies to Try Before Your Die, but found that it was bourbon that I really loved.

Over the past couple years I've really expanded my tasting, trying almost anything I can lay my hands on. For better or worse, I've found very few that I don't like. . . (Old Ezra, Old Grand Dad are the only ones that are springing to mind). I love finding a reasonably priced bourbon that really packs in the flavors -- Old Forester Signature is my current favorite in this category, although Elijah Craig 12, VOB BIB are right there as well. But I was also lucky enough to lay my hands on a bottle of George T. Stagg and 15yo Pappy Van Winkle this year which I am enjoying immensely as well.

My wife and I did the Bourbon Trail last summer while the kids were at camp, and tacked on Barton, Buffalo Trace, Jack Daniels, George Dickel and Prichard's. She's not much of a bourbon drinker (prefers Jack and Coke) but she very much enjoyed the distillery tours.

My biggest struggle at the moment is to be able to describe what the flavor is that I'm enjoying in each bourbon. I can tell differences between them and what I like and don't like, but being able to pick out caramel, vanilla, maple syrup, toffee, etc. just seems beyond my grasp at the moment, but I love reading other's reviews that are able to discern these! I did appreciate seeing Chuck's post regarding picking between 4 broader categories (Candy, Spices, Wood and Fruit). I'm trying to just start with that for now.

Thanks again for all I've already learned here, and hope to be posting more myself!