Sweet Sippin' II: Mountain Moonshine

(Second in a series)

Mountain Moonshine
West Virginia Spirit Whiskey
West Virginia Distilling Co., LLC, Morganton, WV
100 Proof

"Proudly brought to you by West Virginia's best distillers.
This product is made from the finest corn whiskey, blended with
corn grain neutral spirits, to produce a genuine West Virginia
moonshine. Enjoy."

"Blended with 20% Corn Whiskey, 80% grain neutral spirits,
distilled from corn. Less than 30 days old."

What is authentic moonshine? To some people, moonshine
means rocket fuel, 150+ proof, not to be swallowed without
dilution. To others, moonshine should taste like a mouth
full sweet corn. These boys in WV have decided to walk the
line: they incorporate both syles, successfully, in their
"Mountain Moonshine". I have a feeling that this is just
the style they like best. It's what I like to call Good
Design. They have achieved balance.

Color: crystal clear

Nose: light and spirity, a touch plummy, with the "sweet
alcohol" notes that some people recognise in isopropyl alcohol
or straight ethanol. Green grapes.

Sip, sip, sippin': Candy corns, plummy, jelly beans, at times
fruity. As a matter of fact, if people are gonna use the term
"dark fruits" then I'll use the term "green fruits" - kinda like
the green apples that you don't let the cows eat since it makes
the milk sour.

Finish: slightly plummy, some graham crackers.

Overall: Most of us whiskey drinkers are used to the "bass
notes" that hit you as it sits on our tongue, perhaps some
spicy notes if what we're drinkin' has some rye in it.
If you think those two things are essential, then you'll be
a little disappointed. Me, I can enjoy this stuff. It's
not deep and complex, but it has a surprising aspect to it:
it has yummy-ness and drinkability. I think if they'd gone
with 100% corn whiskey, it would have been too much... but
blending it with higher proof 'shine makes it round and
well balanced... which is more than I can say about a lot
of aged whiskies out there!

Some might call it "Absolut Corn", but I think that would
be disrespectful to the robust squeezin's in this bottle,
which I recommend to anyone who wants something light and
delicious: Sweet Nectar of Corn.

Tim Dellinger