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My guess for this:

WT Rye stopped production a while back, and as shelves have gone empty, there's been nothing to fill them... But Ritt, on the other hand JUST shipped the seasonal allocation.

Try finding Ritt in summer... nearly impossible. Seems to land in TX (and some other states) only 1-2 times a year, and goes fairly quick. What seems to be reasonably available now won't be replaced any time soon.

My guess? This summer will see NO Ritt, NO Baby Saz, and NO WT Rye anywhere... (BT has already said they've shipped out all the Baby Saz they have for the near future...)

If you like it, bunker it now to get through the lean months. At least Ritt & Saz should be back later in the year... unlike the Turkey.
BTW, True Spirits got another case of Ritt