I finally laid my hands on my first bottle of ORVW 10/90 and find it a pleasant pour. I agree with LongBeachScott (above) for the most part on the comparisons of the two Wellers with the two ORVWs. I don't find that much initial hotness in the Wellers, and I do like the finish on the ORVWs better. ORVW 10/107 is my favorite of the bunch, and I would like to have it around all the time, but, like Scott said, price and availability do matter, and like FishNBowlJoe says, I've never met a Weller I didn't like, so the Wellers remain regular purchases--for convenience, value, and taste. I will go out of my way to find a Lot B or a Pappy 15, though, as those are special pours for me.