Since the old thread is old and locked, and since I have pulled the what are you smoking thread off topic a few times, I thought it would be worth reopening this thread for questions about cigars, wrappers, humidors, etc.

I don't claim to be and expert, but thanks to living within striking distance of 3 JR Cigar locations, and having had the pleasure of learning quite a bit about cigars (and smoking way too many of them) with Lew Rothman (former owner of JR Cigars), Steve Saka (another brilliant cigar mind at JR Cigars), Martin Mayorga (before he abandoned cigars for the coffee business) and some others,

I have a lot to share, and as I have already learned, there are others here as well that I am cetain will chime in as well with their own knowledge and cigar experience.

So, got a cigar questions... ask away... the only stupid question is the one you have, but fail to ask.