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Bourbon cc, I am pretty new to cigars. What would you recommend from Drew Estates that won't put a whole in the wallet and is readily available? I have a couple cigar stores in the area that do have good selections. I have also ordered online. I have tended to like Rocky Patel maduro 2nds. Great cigar for $3-5 each, IMHO. Most of what I have tried and liked have been maduros.

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We don't really have much in that price range, but for a few dollars more you can get our Undercrown. If you enjoy maduros, I think you will definitely enjoy it. Very rich and priced right at ~$7.

If you want to try something different, a lot of people love our infused cigars, especially new smokers. Oddly enough, ACID Kuba Kuba was my first cigar when I turned 18, and definitely helped me get into cigars.