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    Re: Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

    Quote Originally Posted by p_elliott View Post
    Why does every one speculate the worst case scenario when something new comes out? Everyone has been wanting RR101 back this is RR 101 in overdrive. Lets wait and see what happens before we start bitching. Just because someone moved your food dish an inch to the side don't have a hissy. Same goes for the Rye 81 /Rye 101.
    Love to hear ourselves bitch. no one else will listen
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    Re: Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

    Just got an email from Campari about WT rye time to start bitching, I will post the the email in the rye forum.
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    Re: Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

    Normally I'd say take a wait-and-see approach. A lot of labels get approved for products that don't ever get used.

    But you know, I've never been burned by underestimating people.

    It looks like to me that this is a way for them to keep the Russell's Reserve Brand interesting while removing the age statement. Because they've probably figured out by now that we (as in, bourbon enthusiasts) will bitch to high heaven if they drop the 10 year age statement. Lord knows we're still bitching about the old RR 10/101. So maybe they think that we'll forgive them the age statement if they raise the proof to 110 and don't chill filter it.

    I guess the next question is, what about Kentucky Spirit? I can't see how having two NAS single barrel expressions serves them. It would be nice if they could put out one single barrel with an age statement... or at least older juice than the current KS.
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    Re: Russell's Reserve Single Barrel

    I saw put the WTKS out of its misery.
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