I am rarely let down when I combine two things I like. For instance, chocolate and peanut butter. Or shotguns and zombies. Or cocaine and hookers. Or... beer and whiskey?

How could you go wrong!? Surely within the vast range of flavor profiles presented between beer and whiskey there are pleasant contrasts that can occur from the right pairing.

I've heard that beer cocktails are going to be a trend soon... I already had one at a local bar with UFO Hefe, spiced rum and velvet falernum. It was decent but more importantly it got me thinking about combinations of beer and whiskey that could benefit from being mixed together.

Some experimentation is in order. I'm getting ready to crack open an Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA. I think a small touch of rye will play nicely with the crisp hops. Expect a report by tomorrow.

PS I do not approve of "bombs" "depth charges" or "boilermakers" as they are not really intended to be enjoyed and savored the way I do a good beer or whiskey.