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I had a Sucaba the other week. I'm just not a big fan of the barleywine style. I enjoyed my bottle (and cellared another one), but it really was a little one-sided for my taste. I much preferred the Anniversary Ale from FW, which I guess contained some of the Sucaba, among other beers.
I can take or leave standard barleywines (much prefer imperial stouts), and don't keep many on hand. Prefer English to American, as I'm not a huge hophead. But the handful of barrel-aged barleywines of either type that I've had have left me in a happy state.

I really like the Central Waters barrel-aged offering, and at $12 a four pack it's a great value and a nice way to enjoy a solo pour without negating the next four hours of neural activity. I have one from Uinta called Cockeyed Cooper that I need to try one of these eves.

FW XV is great. I know a place out my way that still has a few if you're looking. I look forward to trying FW's BBA stout, Parabola, when it comes out sometime in the next month or so.