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I had a nice rye surprise last night. We went to a dumpy local karaoke bar that I've been to at least 30 times before, but this time I noticed a bottle of Hirsch 13 Year Old Rye among the bourbons. It was shaped like a PVW/VWFRR bottle with a white label, red "Hirsch" script and a black wax top. Happily, the whiskey tasted very much like older bottlings of VWFRR. The bottle was 1/3 full when we got there, and empty when we left.

The best part was that after tasting the Hirsch, my wife canceled her order for a glass of white wine and asked me to get her a pour of the rye. We sat at the bar drinking it neat, serenaded by some of the worst drunken karaoke I've ever heard. A good night.
I've never seen that Hirsch label. However, I can relate to emptying rare finds at restaurants and bars. Drained a VWFRR with some friends in Frankfort last fall.