So glad I found this site and this forum. I've been into Datsun and Nissan sports cars for years and two years ago while at a car convention took the JD tour. Never been a big drinker, mostly mixed, but was so intrigued by the distillery process and history decided to push forward. It all started sitting in our chairs outside a motel on a car outing sipping on GJ and Crown and the conversation quickly moved to which was better. So our quest began. the next day went to the store a a rep recommended Knob Creek. Since then we have had two other car outings (always tasting in the evening after driving is done). We've tried Jack single barrel,Woodford Reserve,Knob Creek single barrel, Makers Mark, Basil Hayden and Pritchards.

For our next meeting in April Willett (7 yr), Noah's Mill, 4 Roses Single barrel, 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Barrel Select, Maker's 46, & WL Weller's 12-year age.

We are mostly novices but really starting to enjoy the great variety in mid to high end whiskey. Been scouring the web and using this forum and the 2011 San Fran Spirits competition as a purchasing guide. So far all the mid to high end purchases have been great.

I'm building a collection for my bar and have the following bottles so far:
Rebecca Creek (low end Texas original but batch #1, not too many opportunities to drink batch 1), Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve, Angel Envy, Hudson Baby Bourbon, Evan Williams SB, PHC 10yr, WLW uncut (not sure what year 133 proof), Willett FR 7 yr.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.
I'll be reading thru the forum for ideas for stocking my bar. The hunt has been really fun. Finding the PHC 10 yr in a small private store covered in dust was the best so far at $74. The WLW uncut was at a small chain locked up also less than $75 (on sale).