I cracked open my newly purchased Vintage Bourbon 17 because I wanted to put to rest a few floating rumors.

It's most definitely a wheated bourbon. On the nose it shares some similarities to S-W but it's faint. My tasting notes are rich deep caramel and vanilla with very little spice. It has extremely smooth edges and has no heat or burn on either the arrival or finish.

I compared this to the following:

  • Pappy 20 Sample (thanks to Luther.r for the sample)
  • 81' BIB Old Fitz Sample (thanks to Luther.r for the sample)
  • PHC 4th Edition Wheated Sample (thanks to Luther.r for the sample)
  • JPS 18 Batch 25
  • Pappy 15 from 2008
So based on both math and flavor profile I don't think this is S-W juice. It could be Bernheim. It's very good and the price range here in Dallas, TX is around 54 bux.

The Berheim original I have is too young to really compare the nose and flavor so it didn't compare very well.

I would love top hear any other thoughts or opinions on this year's release of Vintage Bourbon 17; that is if any one has picked it up yet?

Of course I emailed KBD, but I seriously doubt they'll give me any sort of answer.