I've searched over this site, and the internet, for information specific to approximate Old Fitzgerald Prime age. I posted the information below in the "What did you pass up" thread, but should have made a new thread. I'm going back by this liquor store this coming weekend, and want to find out if it's worth picking these up.

While shopping last weekend, I found 2 bottles of 375ml Old Fitzgerald Prime, with a 96 on the bottom and a UPC beginning with 88076. The best information I have been able to find indicates that OF Prime is aged somewhere in the 6-8 year range, which would make this 1996 bottling likely to be Stitzel-Weller. I have no clue if this is correct.

Could someone with more knowledge of the SW brands educate me on whether or not the bottles, as described, sound like they are distilled by Stitzel-Weller? What bottle year would likely be the last of the S-W in the Prime?

I have been attempting to find some true "dusties", but have largely been unsuccessful. Part of this could be due to a still limited knowledge of what all to look for.