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    Quote Originally Posted by ebo View Post
    Ok, I just got home with a bottle of Don Julio Reposado, Espolon Repesado and Herradura Anejo.

    I've decided that, although I like Blanco Tequilas, I prefer the Repesados, so far. I haven't tried an Anejo, yet. I'm hoping I like those, too.
    Aha! ebo jumps in with both feet! I suspect you'll love the anejos, and I think Herradura's is a good one. In about forty-five minutes my neighbors are kicking off their Cinco de Mayo party and I'm psyched because the food is always fabulous. They've got three generations of their family cooking up a storm and I'm just about to walk in to gastronomic paradise. Since I can't bring anything food-wise that is terribly authentic, I'm dropping by the party with a case of Victoria beer and bottles of El Tesoro Platinum and Gran Centenario Reposado. That ought to hold 'em!
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