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Picked up Tres Agave Blanco ($25) and El Mayor Anejo ($29). Both seemed liked good deals and I faintly remember Kevin (maxpower) gave them pretty good write ups. The Tres Agave was a gift pack with a lime squeezer and Agave Nectar bottle. It had a very fresh and clean flavor. I am looking forward getting a lime for a margarita with it but it is very in nice neat. What it makes me think of is that it is a non-tequila drinkers tequila but still all can enjoy. Would be nice to taste a bigger flavor at a higher abv. Is all tequila sold at 80 proof in the US?

As for the El mayor, not sure what to think about it yet. I will say I think it is a nice price at $29 but that was a $10 off sale. I will need to get another pour, but I expected a little more smoothness with this one. It has a fantastic color out of the bottle. Not sure what the regs are for coloring tequila. I like the flavor on the palette just punched you a little on the finish.
I agree with everything that you said about Tres Agaves. It's a very nice pour for $25. It's versatile enough to use straight or as a mixer.

I've never tasted El Mayor blanco. The anejo is pretty good and reposado is OK. You must have it confused with another brand because I don't think I'd recommend El Mayor at the price point.

And for reference, most US tequila is 80 proof. KAH reposado is 110 proof and Agave 99 is 99 proof (clever name, no?). Peligroso is 84 proof. Those are the ones that I can think of offhand.