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That's a damn near perfect tequila order. Enjoy.
Couldn't have done it without you! I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on these, as they each sound fantastic and quite different from what I already own. I'm easy to please in most instances, so will undoubtedy find something to enjoy in each one. Sadly, I'm not having much luck turning my bourbon-loving/casual tequila-drinking friends on to much of the really good stuff. They seem perfectly content drinking Cazadores and the rest is wasted upon them. Nothing wrong with Cazadores, but when the $40+ bottles hit the table and they simply shrug when they drink it, I'm of the mind to keep my Herradura and El Tesoro back in the cabinet for private consumption. I suspect the same will prove to be the case with my new stuff when it arrives. (And my wife always reaches for blancos when making margaritas, so the Fortaleza will definitely be kept in a safe place--my belly!)