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I picked up the Anejo based on this recommendation. Had a quick sip and it's very nice. I can pick out some bourbon like character from the barreling. It lacks the freshness I really enjoyed in the Penca Azul though. Maybe I am a repo man! I'm going to dig into the bottle some more tonight.
I'm a big fan of reposados because of the good combo of the agave and the light aging. You still get the spice from the agave and the barrel character. I love the rich smoothness of the Corrido Anejo and figured that bourbon lovers (who are used to 4-20+ year aging) would be better off starting with the aged ones. Most people who get into tequila tend to work backwards from anejo to blanco. I like them all, but for different reasons.

The Corrido anejo to me is what a great anejo should be. Tons of character, very easy to enjoy neat and takes on a lot of the character from the barrel in which it was rested (bourbon in this case). Keep drinking it and you'll find a lot of complexity in it from the sweet (vanilla/caramel) to some fruit to some nice brown spices.

And with Penca Azul, you are talking about an AWESOME brand. The aged ones are almost buttery and the blanco is superb. You won't find many better than Penca Azul. I just find it hard to recommend because of price and because it's very hard to find since the brand no longer exists.