Had some new ones last night and some old favorites:

New - Pepe Zevada blanco & reposado. The blanco was spicy and wonderful. Subtle nuances that complimented the fresh agave flavors. The repo was good, but not as good as the blanco. I love repos, so I was slightly disappointed, but it's still a very good deal under $30. The blanco around $26-28 is a steal. I'd recommend checking it out if you like a big agave flavor.

Old - Don Pilar Anejo. Just a really rich and smooth flavor without losing the agave character. I need to go back to that one more often. Also Cavalino reposado. It's a $22 bottle, but is fruity, sweet and has that little bit of bite from agave that I love about reposados. For the price, it's a real gem.

My wife also got some sticky goop off of her computer cord using Tres Mujeres Reposado is place of rubbing alcohol and it worked well. That's about all I can see it being used for.