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I finally got around to diving into some tequila a little more thoroughly, I ended up discovering after much tasting that Anejo seemed to really grab me for a style (type whatever you want to call it )

Had a Casa Nobles Anejo which was fantastic very memorable... http://imbibehour.blogspot.com/2012/...uila-more.html
Casa Noble anejo is a very nice tequila. Most (including me) tequila drinkers start off liking the aged ones and then work their way back into appreciating the agave a bit more. I still love a good anejo a bit more than a good blanco, but I'm much better at picking out the nuances of the pure agave flavors and where they were grown now than I was when I first started exploring tequila. That's why I start a brand with the reposado. From that I can learn about the base blanco and the flavors that are added with the aging barrels.

In the end, everyone likes what they like and there's no wrong way to enjoy tequila. Enjoy more exploration. You started off with a good one in Casa Noble. Their blanco is one that is loved by many (but not at all by me). Anejos provide the deep and rich flavors that whiskey drinkers love, so I'd say to keep exploring that. Unclebunk will attest that a well done repo like Muchote will get you appreciating reposados as well.