Couldn't resist, and opened the bottle. My wife and I tasted it, not blind, in a flight with Cabo Wabo Blanco. We both preferred the Cabo, for the same reason - the spicy, peppery finish. Spot on notes, Max. We also agreed that Espolón is one we'll probably be keeping in stock for the price. But Cabo Wabo Blanco's on sale this month for $32 - is that a good enough price to justify buying a backup or would you say I should just wait until I can pick up a Corrido and more Siete Leguas and maybe see a Cabo cheaper? At this point I feel somewhat ruined for other tequilas by the earthiness of Siete Leguas.

I'll also say that I will be recommending Espolón to someone I know who likes Patrón for the smoothness, he can afford to pay half the price for something just as drinkable but more flavorful, I'm sure.