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A margarita for the sweet tooth! Between the Agave nectar in the Agavero Orange and the simple syrup that is a pretty sweet recipe!

I do like the choice of something other than a blanco all the time and the Agavero Orange although my current favorite sweetner is Damiana liqueur and Solerno blood orange liqueur. But I think I would just use more of the Agavero if needed and skip that extra simple syrup.

I have the Solerno blood orange liqueur and will have to try it in a margarita. I have cut down on the simple syrup over the years, but can help to balance out the fresh lime juice.

My other "recipe" is what I call 4-3-2-1 for the "parts" tequila-lime juice-orange liquor-simple syrup. Makes a nice 10 oz drink; even a little more after you shake it over ice. And it provides at least 100% of the US RDA for tequila.