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Working on finishing off a bottle of Milagro Silver tonight. Not much left in this bottle as most of it was used in margaritas a year or so ago. But, in my uneducated opinion, this is pretty good stuff. I've acquired more of a taste for tequila lately and right now it's the most interesting spirit out there to me.
I'm biased, but it really is the most interesting spirit to me. There's such a huge variety of flavors and expressions in tequila. Some many factors go in to how it tastes: age of agave, terroir, barrels, # of times distilled, altitude, water, cooking method, extraction method of the mosto and probably more that I'm just forgetting.

I like Milagro Ailver as a mixer and the reposado and anejo are nice values to drink neat. With 1500 tequilas out there, the's better value IMO than Milagro, but I can't say anything bad about it other than the Silver is a little harsh straight. Always feel free to pm me or ask on here if you're looking for a recommendation. I'd like to know what aspects you like best in your tequila and that will help me make a suggestion. Salud!