Tequila "stash" post...a couple are open, but these are all downstairs. Will post what's upstairs soon.

NOM in brackets

Don Julio 1942 Anejo [1449]
1800 Anejo (Binny's Special Reserve) [1122]
1921 Reserva Especiale Reposado (my favorite; glad to find one bunkered) [1079]
Clase Azul Reposado (Max's rec--good one!!)--the blue & white porcelain bottle [1416]

have a Costco Anejo (1 liter bottle) downstairs, too, but didn't photo it..

Tezon Anejo [1111] not sure if bought in US or Mexico

bought in Puerto Vallarta:
Revolucion Anejo (open) [1123]
Comalteco Anejo (open) [1137]
Esperanto Anejo (open) [1109]

I'm pretty sure I was travelling with 5 bottles; I bought some at the duty free store in the PV airport. I thought Illinois didn't have a limit on how much booze you could bring in; I would just pay duty on the excess, but I had to clear Customs in Dallas on way home....Do I declare it? Or just walk through with "nothing to declare" like virtually everyone else on the plane. I was only with my son (14 yrs old at the time); didn't look too suspicious. Figured I'd be honest and pay duty on excess.
However, WAY over the limit on how much liquor you can bring into Texas. Agent not happy with me
Said they want you to buy your liquor in Texas. I was picturing him confiscating my haul , but he let me through; didn't even pay any duty!!

​the bottle in the bag

straggler, but a really cool bottle with a glass agave plant in the middle; don't know why it's blue.

1800 came in a wood box

Don Julio 1942 bottle (old style; they've changed it a little) shaped like an agave leaf