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Oh, I see. Fortaleza is very hard to find around here too which is why I tend to get it via mailorder. If you do find the Fortaleza blanco though I would highly recommend getting it, as it's one of those superb blancos that I truly enjoy drinking straight up. Its charms are subtle but rewarding and worth revisiting over and over again. I'm not very skilled at tasting notes when it comes to tequila but I'm sure Max Power has reviewed it or will have something to share about it. And very elegant looking bottles too, eh?
If I see the Blanco I will certainly consider adding it as a sipping tequila. The package is indeed nice but generally the contents drive the spending!

Although interestingly tequila is one brand where the bottle can contain worthwhile contents and still be worth showing off without spending a fortune. Kah, Clase Azul and Milagro, with both the Select Barrel Reserve and Tequila Romance bottles, come to mind!

The Tequila Romance bottle is a personal favorite!