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Finally opened the Don Julio Reposado gifted to me by a colleague in Guadalajara - 38% alc by vol. I do not drink tequila often and haven't had it neat (if you can call it that) since shooters in college almost 30 years ago. This is fabulous stuff - vanilla, honey agave, a bit of pepper on the finish, nice mouthfeel. It has made me want to explore a few other reposados and anejos, but this one will be the benchmark. If this is the only brand I have on the shelf, that is fine with me.
You've opened up Pandora's box if you are using DJ Repo as your benchmark. That said, I very much enjoy Don Julio and the repo is probably my favorite of the standard line, but there's an array of flavors out there. The one piece of advice that I'll give you is that you don't really have to break the bank to get some seriously good stuff. Enjoy the new found hobby & hunt.