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    KBD Pure Kentucky XO 12/107

    I picked this up as the final contestant in my planned Flight 107.

    But, I was surprise to find very little information on this bourbon. I know it is KKBD, and thus there are some that are annoyed that the source is not a known (but I am not going to go down the same road of the Mind-Blown Thread here).

    What little I did come up with here is that it looked like this was going to be discontinued back some 5 years ago... and indeed it seems all talk ended around them.

    But this is a 2011 batch, so it is not a dusty. And the price seems to have gone back up to its pre-discount levels from the deep discounts some were seeing then.

    So, I am curious... has anybody else ventured into Pure Kentucky XO? 12 Years Old and 107 Proof is what sucked me in here (since Weller 12 appears to snub its nose at NJ), and I figure with that kind of age and being a higher proof, somebody much have some insight to share before I crack this thing open.

    What say ye? Have you given the XO a try?

    Edit:I will post my tasting notes tomorrow, but I want to see what you think first. Should I be scared? Or is this as good as I think it can be?
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