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    Quote Originally Posted by StraightNoChaser View Post
    He did at some point say 16 yr LDI... I wonder if he was just messing his facts up. I didn't really pay attention to the fact sheet while we was talking to me.
    Maybe you misheard or he misspoke and was talking about the 12-year old rye, which is LDI as far as I know. My understanding was that that was the oldest LDI rye around.

    Also, if you look at the HW website's notes on the 12-year old, http://www.highwest.com/spirits/12-year-old-rye/ it says that LDI was using a 52% rye recipe in the early 80's and changed it gradually over time to the 95% in the early 90's. It did pass through an 80% rye phase, but being that HW's products didn't start showing up until 2008, that would mean that the 16yo rye would have been distilled around 1992, which sounds to me from the HW description was after LDI's mashbill changed to 95%.
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