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Let me try to shed some light for you all on this.

Louisville Distilling will be releasing a Cask Strength AE for the holidays this year. It will be "finished" just like our normal product, although it will be released after a MUCH longer finishing time and of course a higher proof.

Typically AE is finished the the port wood for around 3-6 months. The cask strength, when actually bottled, will have been in the port wood for around 22 months depending on when we actually get around to putting it in the bottle. So we took our 4/5/6 year old bourbon, then basically finished it for 2 years. Current proofs coming out of the barrels are around 122-123. This was as of the first week of March, when I last pulled a sample. Of course this could change but I don't expect it to be drastic.

-Kyle Henderson
3rd Generation and Production Manager

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