Wow Tom, that might be a new record post for you in terms of length! Well said though.

I've had AE CS on several occasions and it's one of my favorite finished bourbons for sure. I've been looking forward to this release for some time (obviously, I even started this thread). I am a little disappointed by the price. But I'm a BIG fan of a free market economy. And whatever price it will fetch and sell for is the right price. Supply vs Demand. Perhaps there are only 600 people out there willing to pay $150 for it. Well then, it was priced perfect. We can whine and moan and cry all we want but it is what it is. Same with Pappy and all the other bourbons climbing in price each year.

Anyway....I wanted to speak more on the product. It's very tasty for any of you not fortunate enough to have sampled yet. It is well balanced.

Here's a photo so you guys can see the color difference. The additional port influence is very evident not only in the color but on the palate as well.


And I really dig the particulates floating around in the glass. Can you see them?


And when the bottle is finished and every last drop had been makes a pretty damn cool lamp!


Cheers everyone!