As part of my ongoing whiskey vatting experiments, for some years I've been combining the different bottlings of Jack Daniels. IMO, JD in general has improved a lot in recent years. But the regular Jack Black is now 80 proof and sometimes its distinctive top-note of yellow fruit-like flavor (banana, yes but it is more than that) is a little strong for me, so I blend in some JD Single Barrel which is richer and often has none of that top-note or a different one, cherry, say. Gentleman Jack is good to impart overall sweetness and body, it seems to knit everything together.

I have a vatting I plan to add Jack Green Label to, when I get some in KY at the end of the month. This has a younger-tasting profile and in a good mingling I like some whiskey that is less woody than the others, it adds complexity and balance. I'll bring some of my current vatting to the Gazebo upcoming.