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    Re: A Book About Bourbon

    About the only person I know of with no roots in the industry is Jerry Dalton, formerly of Barton and now of Jim Beam. He is a Ph.D. Chemist and that's how he got into it. I don't think Jimmy Russell's father was a distiller, but he worked in a distillery. Same with Chris Morris.

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    Re: A Book About Bourbon

    Chuck here is right on , I don't know how Ken Davis at Barton got in, he must have been working there and was in the right place at the right time . There are what, 9 companies operating 11 or so Distilleries, most having 2 Master distillers at one time, The older gentleman near or passed retirement age who is in it for tickles and grins( or just loves it that much) and the new guy on the block who is about 45 or so when he gets the position. It seems that a high education is first on the list for a requirement for this job now. Jimmy Russell says his son is working toward it but there's no guarantee he will get it. Brown Forman requires for anyone looking for a lofty job there , to have a degree in your pocket and plan to earn another after you start work ( Chris got himself 2 more). This obviously isn't a job for the unqualified candidate. Add to this the mystique of the secrets passed from father to son but not out to anyone else, It's a pretty exclusive club.

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    Re: A Book About Bourbon

    I would avoid "The book of classic American whiskeys" and Jim Murray's "Complete Guide to Whiskey". Stick to "The Bourbon Companion" and "The Book of Bourbon" for your purposes.



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