To protect my Top Shelf image, I tend to turn up my nose to most Four Rose products … until now. As a reader of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012 my interest was piqued when he bestowed a 96.5 rating on Four Roses Single Barrel. For comparison’s sake, Jim’s highest rated bourbon is George T. Stagg, which topped the Murray scales with a 97.5 rating. Therefore, you can see why I was intrigued.

Here is what Jim writes about Four Roses Single Barrel:
"If you have ever wondered if Four Roses has the wherewithal to play amongst the super-elite of the whiskey world, then track down this particular bottling and all will be revealed…for me the finest Four Roses I have ever come across" --- Whisky Bible 2012

As a Stagg lover, if FRSB rated almost as high – then this would definitely be a treat for my taste buds (and wallet). My friend (and drinking buddy) is a fan of the Four Roses Mariage (whose ratings dip to low 88.5 on the Murray meter). My friend and Jim can’t be wrong … so it was high time to rethink my stand on this brand. Took my first pour and waited. Nothing. Nada. No Stagg-esque qualities. Granted my palate is still in its formative years … but I do not see the comparison between FRSB and George T. Stagg. Personally, I preferred the Mariage. FRSB was not a bad pour by any means...but perhaps I’m expecting too much and bought into Murray’s hype? Therefore, was wondering how the more experienced and mature tasters rate this one?