I generally agree with the above poster. I work in the wine business - where critics & scores are even a bigger deal.

The most important thing in wine/food/spirit criticism should be the tasting note. If the reviewer is able to reasonably & accurately relay the experience of the bourbon, then the job is done and down well. Is the alcohol prominent? Is the barrel influence too strong, not strong enough? If you can also provide the mashbill, you are my new favorite critic.

I personally find scores helpful within the context of a certain winery or distillery. If I like 4 Roses and a critic I follow and respect says the 2013 4R 1B is the best yet, I'll be sure to look for it. I like Redbreast -- and the scores/feedback on the CS made me actively seek it out. Ultimately, a score or tasting note is only an impression of a certain thing at a specific moment in time. Not truth, never gospel.