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I tried the Lairds 7.5 year apple brandy today bottled in the ORVW barrel bottle. I had to stop myself from liking the brandy just because it was in hat bottle which i have so much affinity for.
Back in the Stitzel-Weller days, they called that the barrel bottle. Only Stitzel-Weller used it and they used it for everything. When I first started to buy Old Fitz Prime (the 80 proof gold label) it was in that bottle. Everybody seems to be dropping it. Not sure why, although retailers don't like wide bottles, the new roundy Weller and VOB bottles aren't that much narrower, or are they? Could be an illusion. Retailers will tolerate non-standard bottles for super-premiums, but really don't like them for standard pours. That tends only to be an issue if you're trying to expand distribution.