I'd like to start by stating a few things.

I love the effects of oxygen on both Rye-recipe Bourbon and Wheaters. I feel that Wheaters benefit more, and for longer periods, than Rye-recipe, but aeration helps with both.

I also feel that this can be taken too far, and a taste drop off will eventually start to happen, although this can take some time. I recently revisited a Pappy 20 that had been open for over a year, and it was phenomenal.

On the other hand, with Ryes, and I'm mostly speaking to the ultra-aged Ryes such as Vintage 21, Hirsch 22 and 25, BMH 23, I've had some troubling experiences. The drop off happens much more quickly than with Bourbon, IMHO. After 6 months, many of these bottlings no longer have the same pop. The flavors are much "quieter." (I find this particularly true with Saz 18.)

So my theory is to finish those Ryes within a few months of opening them, as the drop off is highly disappointing at those prices.

Anyone else have this experience?